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  1. Эффекты в клиенте

    Отправлено 30 июл 2010

    подскажите, пожалуйста, кто знает, где прописывается к какому скиллу относится эффект и его продолжительность?

    если его продолжительность зависит от самого эффекта который можно найти по пути data\texture\effect\
    то сколько frame это секунда?
    делал 480 кадров но закончились быстро
  2. Евент "Я лучший" 30.05.10

    Отправлено 7 июн 2010

    вопщем то видео тяп ляп вышло

    комментируйте. ..

    Евент "Я лучший"

    Евент "Я лучший" uploading

    спасибо Geass за обнаруженный косяк, Лучший среди Guillotine Cross это Senshin
    спасибо за помощ в поиске музыке 2Therapy,Chikatilo
    спасибо за совет чем делать) 2Grimm
    спасибо за подсказку, где выложить 2Aris
  3. Genetic Skills

    Отправлено 27 апр 2010

    http://forums.irowik. ..7&postcount=604

    нашел документ на форуме irowiki решил тут отписать

    Sword Training
    • Max LV: 5
    • Prerequisites: -
    • Type: Passive
    • Description: Through training, you achieve higher attack power, accuracy, and speed when using one-hand sword or dagger.
    • Additional Info:

    Cart Remodeling
    • Max LV: 5
    • Prerequisites: -
    • Type: Passive
    • Description: Improves your cart, increasing accuracy with Cart Revolution, Cart Tornado, and Cart Cannon. Increases max weight limit of your cart as well.
    • Additional Info:
    o Strongly influences the damage of Cart Cannon and Cart Tornado. If you plan on using either of those skills, you'll have to max cart improvement. Because cart cannon is magic type, the hit bonus of this skill only affects cart revolution and cart tornado.

    Cart Tornado
    • Max LV: 5
    • Prerequisites: Cart Remodeling LV 1
    • Type: Active / Damage
    • Description: Swings your cart around you and striking all targets within 2 cells around you. Targets that are hit will be stunned and pushed back 2 cells. Requires a cart to be used. Cart Remodeling greatly increases the damage of this skill.
    • Additional Info:
    o No cast time.
    o ~0.5s aftercast delay.
    o ~0.5s reuse delay (Increased by SkillLV, it becomes very noticeable at level 4, but still pretty fast at level 3).
    o 30 SP cost at all levels.
    o Not affected by cart weight.
    o Does not stun at all.
    o Cart Remodeling gives some ~100% atk*SkillLV extra damage.
    o Pretty good at 3 with Remodeling 5, I wouldn't add any levels past that, it's already considerably stronger than mammo and probably faster on most builds.
    o An instant cast AoE. Higher levels increase the cooldown and delay, at level 1~2 there is no cooldown at all, at level 5 there's about a 1-2s cooldown. As such level 1~2 is good for big mobs, and level 5 is good for regular hunting. Level 5 does about twice the damage of level 1. It does enough damage that it could easily be used as your main damage skill.

    Cart Cannon
    • Max LV: 5
    • Prerequisites: Cart Remodeling LV 2
    • Type: Active / Damage
    • Description: Fire's a gun from your cart to deal large damage to a single target. Requires a cart to be used. The user's INT and Cart Remodeling skill level greatly increases the damage of this skill.
    • Additional Info:
    o ~1s cast time.
    o ~0.5s aftercast delay.
    o No noticeable reuse delay.
    o 40 SP cost.
    o Seems to be completely based on MATK, and always neutral element. With 102+28 MATK I was dealing ~400 damage on magma dungeon 2 monsters.
    o Stating that INT affects damage is misleading, as the skill is actually a MATK based splash attack. Because its magic type, using a matk weapon like bazerald or elemental sword is best. Level increases the range and splash, at max level it is 11 cells range and the splash is 9x9. Unfortunately the damage is pretty low even with proper gears and equipment, and the cast time is too long, so it probably won't see much use.

    Cart Boost
    • Max LV: 5
    • Prerequisites: Cart Remodeling LV 3
    • Type: Self Buff
    • Description: Increases the users movement speed and attack power for 90 seconds. Requires a cart to be used.
    • Additional Info:
    o Has the same name as the mastersmith skill, but is completely different. At level 5 it increases move speed by 100%, lasts 90 seconds, costs 36sp. Users of lif's urgent escape (100% speed boost, 20 seconds, 40sp) are crying.

    Thorn Trap
    • Max LV: 5
    • Prerequisites: Special Pharmacy LV 2
    • Type: Special / Damage
    • Description: Throws a thorn trap onto a cell which binds the enemy's feet. While the target is trapped, they receive damage over time. If the target is hit by a Fire attribute attack, the thorn trap is destroyed. Consumes 1 Thorny Seed.
    • Additional Info:
    o 3 seconds cast (can be interrupted)
    o Range: 9 cells
    o Fixed Damage: 100+200*skill lvl+player int
    o Area of Effect: 1 cell? (only traps 1 target)
    o You put many traps in 1 cell, but only one works (you can trap a target forever xD)
    o Work on boss monsters (they can teleport away...)
    o Autocast skills will activate with each hit (ice falchion, ifrit rings, etc)
    o If the target/s teleports or snap away, it receive damage anyways.

    Blood Sucker
    • Max LV: 5
    • Prerequisites: Special Pharmacy LV 3
    • Type: Special / Damage
    • Description: Attach a blood sucking plant that can absorb life energy to a target, which as the target takes damage the caster recovers some HP. Up to 3 blood suckers can be active at once. If the user and target are over 12 cells apart, the blood sucker will fall off. Consumes 1 Blood Sucker Seed.
    • Additional Info:
    o Cast Time: 3 seconds (can be interrupted)
    o Range: 9 cells
    o Fixed Damage: 200+100*skill lvl+player int
    o Does damage each second and each hit recover your hp by 10% the damage you deal.
    o You can use it in different targets, but if you use two blood suckers on the same target, the first one cancels and the last one will take effect (extra time)

    Spore Explosion
    • Max LV: 5
    • Prerequisites: Special Pharmacy LV 4
    • Type: Special / Damage
    • Description: Attach an explosive mushroom spore to a target. After a short period of time, the mushroom spores will explode, and damaging not just the target but dealing magical damage to anyone in range. Skill level increases the radius of the explosion. Consumes 1 Explosive Mushroom Spore.
    • Additional Info:
    o Cast Time: 3 seconds (can be interrupted)
    o Range: 9 cells
    o Reuse delay: detonation time
    o The target receives more damage than others monsters in range.
    o The damage depends only on mag atk, need more testings...

    Wall of Thorns
    • Max LV: 5
    • Prerequisites: Special Pharmacy LV 4
    • Type: Special / Damage
    • Description: Creates a barrier of thorns around a target location. If a target touches the wall, it will advance on them and deal damage. The wall can be attacked, and if it takes enough damage, it automatically cancels. If the wall is struck with a Fire attribute attack, it becomes a Firewall. Only one Wall Of Thorns can be active at once. Consumes 1 Thorny Seed.
    • Additional Info:
    o Cast Time: ? seconds (can be interrupted)
    o Range: 9 cells
    o Damage: 100+10*skill lvl % of you atk (needs confirmation)
    o Is affected by % cards and elements
    o Some skills transform it into a firewall (maybe magnum break and firebolt... not tested)
    o Can be used on yourself, other players and monsters (shift+click on monsters)
    o Boss monster are not afected by the wall
    o If someone cannot be knocked back (like Strong Shield effect) they will receive a lot of hits per second (like an undead and firewalls)
    o Area of Effect:

    X: Wall
    O: Unnaffected cell
    T: Target


    When you walk into a X cell you receive damage and knockback of 1 cell

    Crazy Weed
    • Max LV: 10
    • Prerequisites: Thorn Trap LV 3
    • Type: Active / Damage
    • Description: Summons a huge plant mass that deals Earth element damage to all nearby targets and destroys any traps in the area. Skill level increases the damage and the number of plant masses you can summon.
    • Additional Info:

    Demonic Fire
    • Max LV: 5
    • Prerequisites: Spore Explosion LV 3
    • Type: Active / Damage
    • Description: Throws a bottle grenade to create a sea of fire. Any target inside the area of the skill will receive continuous damage and have a chance to receive Burning status effect. Consumes 1 Bottle Grenade.
    • Additional Info:

    Fire Expansion
    • Max LV: 5
    • Prerequisites: Demonic Fire LV 3
    • Type: Active / Special / Damage
    • Description: If used on an area that has a Demonic Fire, the skill causes various effects depending on what you throw.

    Hell's Plant
    • Max LV: 5
    • Prerequisites: Blood Sucker LV 3
    • Type: Active / Special / Damage
    • Description: Summons a plant from hell onto the ground, which attacks nearby enemies dealing damage as well as causing Stun and Bleeding status.
    • Additional Info:

    Howling of Mandragora
    • Max LV: 5
    • Prerequisites: Hell's Plant LV 3
    • Type: Active / Special / Damage
    • Description: Pulls a live Mandragora from the ground which releases a wild scream that lowers the INT of nearby targets and drains their SP. Increases the fixed casting time of all skills. The chance of success is reduced by the VIT and LUK of the target.
    • Additional Info:
    o Increases the fixed cast time of ALL skills by 2 seconds. Even skills that are normally instant get a cast time. Success rate is high.
    o ~1s casting time
    o either 19x19 or 21x21
    o Vit and Luk does not seem to reduce the chances...
    o Effect lasts ~30s

    Sling Item
    • Max LV: 1
    • Prerequisites: Change Material LV 1
    • Type: Active
    • Description: Throws a fruit bomb or other items classified as Throwing type items. Max range is 11 cells.
    • Additional Info:
    o It has a re-use delay of 0.2~0.5 seconds
    o Has a 11 cells range
    o It's pretty spammable but it's a little bit hard to get the itens that deals more damage.
    o Takes the weapon property.

    Change Material
    • Max LV: 1
    • Prerequisites: -
    • Type: Active
    • Description: Combines various items to make new items. However, you can't assume how to make something. If you don't know the item name and use the exact ingredients, the skill will fail. It's said that formulas for synthesized items are available somewhere in the world.
    • Additional Info on Item Creation section.

    Mix Cooking
    • Max LV: 2
    • Prerequisites: -
    • Type: Active
    • Description: Mix various ingredients to create incredibly delicious food. If you use level 2 of Mix Cooking, you'll create 10 at a time. You'll need to have a recipe book and ingredients in order to use the skill.
    • Additional Info on Item Creation section.

    Create Bomb
    • Max LV: 2
    • Prerequisites: Mix Cooking LV 1
    • Type: Active
    • Description: Creates explosives out of various kinds of fruit. If you use level 2 of Create Bomb, you'll create 10 at a time. Requires a bomb creation manual.
    • Additional Info on Item Creation section.

    Special Pharmacy
    • Max LV: 10
    • Prerequisites: -
    • Type: Active
    • Description: Allows the Genetic to create a diverse number of potions and drinks. Skill level increases the number of items that can be made at one time. In order to create potions, you'll need to have the correct manual.
    • Additional Info on Item Creation section.

    --Item Creation--

    Change Material

    40 Frog Spawn + 40 Glass Bead = 8 Phracon
    40 Chrysalis + 10 Clam Flesh = ????
    45 Manacles + 25 Feather of Birds = ????
    25 Talon + 20 Zenorc Fang = ????
    15 Venom Canine + 30 Powder of Butterfly = ????
    35 Crystal Mirror + 50 Mantis Scythe = ????
    10 Insect Feeler + 15 Chung Jah = 2 Witch Starsand
    45 Bouquet + 40 Mole Whiskers = ????
    10 Throwing Kit + 10 HP Potion (Small) = 10 Throwing HP Potion (Small)

    Mix Cooking

    Savage Full Roast
    +20 STR
    1 Savage Meat
    1 Iron Cooking Skewer
    1 Bituminous Coal

    Cocktail Warg Blood
    +20 INT
    3 Wolf's Blood
    2 Cold Ice

    Minor Stew
    +20 VIT
    1 Comodo Tropical Fruit
    2 Seasoned Tough Meat
    1 Large Plan

    Siroma Iced Tea
    +20 DEX
    1 Comodo Tropical Fruit
    3 Powdered Ice
    2 Ice Crystal

    Drosera Herb Salad
    +20 AGI
    3 drosera tentacle
    3 red herb
    3 blue herb
    3 white herb
    1 large pan

    Petite Tail Noodles
    +20 LUK
    2 Petite Tail
    1 Fine Noodles
    1 Cold Broth

    Create Bomb
    Pineapple - Deal damage in all enemys in the same cell of the target.
    Coconut - Deal damage in one target. We dont notice anything diferent on target status. More tests needed.
    Melon - Deal damage, reduce aspd and move speed
    Banana - Deals damage and reduces 75 LUK for some seconds.
    Special Pharmacy

    • Have 100% success chance to create potions with any level. Increasing this skill level increase the number of items received with each creation attempt.
    o Special Pharmacy lvl 1-5 produces 2 items.
    Special Pharmacy lvl 6-9 produces 3 items.
    Special Pharmacy lvl 10 produces 4 items.

    White Potion Z

    20 white potion
    10 test tube
    10 white herb
    1 alcohol


    10 test tube
    10 grape
    10 honey
    10 blue herb

    Concentrated Ceromain Soup
    gives +10% ASPD. Stacks with another ASPD potions.
    10 Test tube
    6 Awakening Potion
    5 Concentration Potion
    5 Spicy Sauce


    Small = empty bottle 10 + lemon 10 + grape 10 + Sweet Sauce
    Middle= empty bottle 10 + honey 10 + blue herb 10 + Sweet Sauce
    Large= empty bottle 10 + royal gelly 10 + blue herb 10 + sweet Sauce


    Small= empty bottle 10 + monster food 5 + white herb 10 + Spicy Sauce
    Middle= empty bottle 10 + white herb 10 + yellow herb ?? + Spicy Sauce
    Large= empty bottle 10 + white herb 15 + mastella 3 + holy water 1 + Spicy Sauce

    Required Items Location:
    Black Powder: Lava Golem, Quove
    White Powder: Lude, Anacondaq, Disguise
    Dark Powder: Pitman, Heater, Gargoyle
    Smoke Powder: Kabuki Ninja, Assaulter
    Explosive Powder: Noxious, Venomous
    Tear Gas: Noxious, Venomous
    Oil: Venatu, Rybio
    Savage Meat: Savage, Savage Babe
    Drosera Feeler: Drosera
    Beef Broth: Minororus, Majororus
    Wolf Blood: Desert Wolf
    Petite Tail: Earth Petite
    Cold Ice: Snowier, Freezer
    Ice Crystal: Icicle
    Ice Fragment: Ice Titan
    Coconut: Permetter, Galapago
    Pineapple: Mobster
    Potted Mandragora: Drosera, Muscipular

    Based on the official homepage description of Genetic, Homunculus S has been decided to be an evolution of existing homunculus. They described the types as Insect/Spider type, Elven type, Golem type and phoenix type. I guess they are evolution of Vanilmirth, Lif, Amistr, and Filir. No further details were given beyond that.


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